Ratio we can get for Social Media Marketing?

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Ratio we can get for Social Media Marketing?

Ratio we can get for Social Media Marketing?

In your ads campaign you pay a particular amount for particular days on your focused area and audience. Your response rate is depended mostly on the  reach. Number of people who see your Ads. Number people who respond to your ad, Like, Comment, Share.

Many factors play role in providing your ads campaign a particular percentage. 1-3% is average considered response for your campaign. But it can be improved.  “Patience is the key” &  of course money (TBH).

-Yes, investing big amount might work in your favor sometimes. It wont help you every time.

If you are an Entrepreneur or Businessman who is managing his/her own ads ,marketing campaigns then it is understandable. As you might not be expert in Marketing or setup. At such times you should always consult a Marketing consultant. He/ She can provide a better insight in such matters.  CTC, CTR, CPC are important analytics in marketing. Your analytics are like mirror which provides you an idea where to improve, where to expect, what to do next.

Marketing is like . Being available every where your possible customer might search for you. Campaigns and ads are way to make your self recognizable easily and quickly for the person finding you. Your customer comes to you, instead of you going & knocking on every door that you may see. Now, huge number of people are aware of the results marketing can provide for your business. Majority of them are still in dark about the fact that it can be improved.

Tip: Whenever a marketing guy says,” Increase the budget and you will get more leads. Just focus on ads and only ads, keep ’em  running on daily basis” The guy you are speaking to, is not an expert. The expert will always go through your analysis of your previous ads. Find out the mistakes you did in your previous campaigns. Give you the insight on the improvements than can be done , expert is a person with experience ,most of the times even before doing the setup he/ she can have an idea what works and what not for what your are doing. Expert always educates you , makes it simple to understand, keeps you updated on what he/ she is doing and will confidently tell you what you can expect from them.

So, Lets come back to the question, is 1-3% what we should expect from Marketing?

No, you can expect more because you can get more. The various factors that might help you is, Daily activity. They would like to explore your page/ account to see what interesting, read worthy content you are uploading on your platforms. So, first factor is Activity.

After awareness, people once start to visit your profiles, you have to be ready before hand in posts. Out of 100% visitors 85% will not give you business if your posts are less than 5. Then how much posts should you have?  The answer is “More than 30”.  People like to scroll. People like to read, captions yes, books not everyone.  So make sure when you write a caption, keep it less. Meaning, a person should complete reading a caption on less than 45 seconds. try to cover main topics in it. Like Benefits, best features, Offers, etc.

If you product is upgrade of something that already exists in the market then try to keep your posting as much explanative and educational you can. Create a one minute video that will provide your customers and idea about your product. This is the second factor, “Education” . Not even for a second think that your audience is smart enough to understand your new release , new concept . Always go easy , dumb it down. It will prove to be beneficial for you. More time to spend on education of your product and creating awareness of the same, more possibility increases for you to land customers.

Ratio we can get for Social Media Marketing?

Responding in comments sections, inboxes, follow up, are also little things that will definitely increase the response ratio.

Keep in mind, establishing your profile completely or people knowing your product or company takes minimum 6 months of work for you to be noticeable &  earn on recurring stage or at least will have daily flow of new inquires on your platform.

For more such information, blogs  or consultation in marketing you can visit lemmecode.com/ or  mail me on [email protected]

Ratio we can get for Social Media Marketing?


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