Marketing Platforms and their use

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Marketing Platforms and their use


Marketing consists  of multiple platforms and various processes. The agency who has acquired expertise in the field will most likely suggest, what should be done at the moment. In case there is an aspect of future presentation. Launch of a different product or service. Professional marketeer should  be able to suggest and place the options with positive success probability for the company.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Google are the platforms where marketing is done. Where good online results can be obtained. The reason for selecting social media as a platform for presentation is simple, as the  customer base of products is likely available on the platform. Social media platforms are the places where a customer is most likely to be active at regular period and at a given time. Today, with the help of good psychological studies. It has become easier for marketeers to select and create ads and campaigns depending on selective parameters for the selective audience. Even if other parameters are to be taken into consideration, like age, gender, spending ability, locality, profession etc. Platforms itself have an inbuilt option to select the audience.

When there are many options to choose and options to select. Campaign for the products and let the open-minded audience choose the product by itself and provide the company with good analysis for focused.

A professional would  most probably be able to suggest the right course of action as he/she  would have tried and experimented on a similar type of product for business function. A professional is an expert who has failed through all the possible ways . Now holds the knowledge of what can work and what cannot by relying on his/her own experience. A professional comes with a cost though. Answers are expensive and experiments take time. In business there are two kinds of businessmen. One, who can not spare time and will invest the money and get the results. Second, who can spare time and invest a limited amount. A successful businessman will use money . He/She has patience to come to a conclusion or to get his/her own way.

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