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Lemme Code started in 2018 by Rohit Kamble (Founder & CEO) , Vitthal Khade (CTO) with an intention to provide profits to the companies around the globe. We saw the problems that many company faced in terms of Development & Marketing. Lack of knowledge regarding marketing services and which platform can turn out to be a game changer. The resources and  process was still not known to many of the local businesses and companies trying to aim for mid cap.

We decided to educate as many companies as we can through our personal communication. The effort turned out to be fruitful. We acquired many clients in first 18 months of commencing with education in marketing and provision of our marketing services & development.

Agriculture sector proving to be the most responsive and profitable for us, soon we were ready to expand our service in different sectors such as Manufacturing, Textile, Dairy Products, Health & Medical Services, Fintech Companies, E-Commerce industry, Educational Sector, Software & Simulations.

From B2B, B2C, D2C we established our portfolio in past 5 years. 

Our team of professionals with good Client co-ordination, Best management, Strategist, Developers, Graphic designers. We were able to thrive even when Covid- 19 hit India . Only because of our loyal clients who stayed with us in such time of turmoil and difficulty.

We are greatly thankful to every customer who joined us. We would have never gotten where we are today without our trust worthy customers &  dedicated, result oriented team .

Today Lemme Code is a team of 15 people and increasing and Customer base soon to cross 150+ in 2022.



Our Vision

In our whole world there are many new technological revelations, advancements in the field of science, Different approaches in farming, New ideas in the field of construction , New creative approach in the field of teaching.

Most of the companies hold the potential to develop and provide their product and service on a larger domain. Due to half knowledge about marketing, advertisement a company underestimates or overestimates their reach . Our vision is to provide companies a proper guidance regarding the services they will need in order to capture a particular audience.


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Rohit Kamble

Founder & CEO

Vitthal Khade


Shreekant G Lohiya

Operation Head

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