Reduce Cost per Lead

Make your campaign profitable.

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Reduce Cost per Lead

Reduce cost per lead

You wanted B2B / B2C leads and you approached a marketing guy or company for Lead Generation on Social Media or Google Ads. Right decision.

There are multiple reasons why it did not succeed for you. Facebook or Google does not target specifically your business and decide that they do not want you to succeed. They are there so that you can get your customer right away, only you have to pay the price they ask you.

Reason 1: 

Mostly your ROI depends on your investment for the  promotion / Lead Generation. If you are not investing the right amount you might not get what you are expecting. Patience is necessary for leads to accumulate. To get in to more detail lemme ad some new information for you. Facebook has millions of followers in hundreds of location and google has billions of searches and is globally used. Once your promotion starts you have to give the platforms some time in order to reach as many as people it can. You cannot invest 2000/- for 5 days and expect a flow of customer leads that is uncontrollable. You have to wait for the ad to reach the right people , so keep your ad active for minimum 20- 35 days so that you can get some leads.

Reason 2: 

Now you will be thinking, if I want to target a whole city do i have to wait for my ad to reach thousands of people? No, that is why platforms has Demographics and interests and Age group filter to the ads. You have the option to choose who should see your ad and who should not. This is known as Targeting. You can target your possible customers depending on their age, area, interest, profession etc. It will make your job easy.


Amount invested / Number of people who gave their information

Example: 1000 INR / 10 = 100 INR per lead.

All you have to do is, create a campaign as such, it will reach your target customer in limited amount of days.



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