Beauty & Cosmetics

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Beauty & Cosmetics

US markets have for many decades been a larger seller and importer and creator for beauty and cosmetics industry. The roots trace back to late 1900. Today the Beauty products and cosmetics are a billion dollar market and  the competitors are uncountable. The topic which I am going nudge here is more about how vigorously the sales were done, how today the industry is benefiting from the efforts that were taken in the history of the industry. Keep in mind we are speaking about a industry which soon after starting faced a great depression.

The concept of Makeup was introduced to the state by two white immigrants who came only for survival & making a living but unknown to the potential of it until very late. 1900 was a brutal time to start any business. Not because the times were changing very quickly but also the needs and demands of the people were changing too. The industrial revolution also played a major role in upbringing of this industry.

Beauty and cosmetics had limited amount of artists. The craft as soon as introduced it also increased the amount of products that went with beautification. Products such as, lipsticks, skin softeners, moisturizers, Mascara which added more attractiveness.

Today, makeup and cosmetics are a daily part of women. Only if same was the case back then. Beauty industry although struggled for a little time but had earned the most and quickly more than other. Convincing people regarding the benefits of applying cosmetics that will help their skin was  difficult task and a new approach to commence with. But if the sales are getting high and increasing every day it would have been wrong to then advertisement companies didn’t have to make  campaigns such as, “Being ugly is a crime”. The campaigns drove women to nearby Makeup studios and Salons. The queues were getting longer and longer day by day and the studio artists  were low.

As the art was new and the initiators had minimal or close to zero knowledge about business and finance. The costing was cheap and the hours they put in were not justified for them. It made no sense to get service in the evening rather than in the morning. The difference in demand and supply was huge which led to many other people entering into the new booming industry.

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